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PS2 Reviews
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Kill Zone


 Kill Zone is a FPS that was very hyped long before the actual game came out, so inevitably the game has a tall order to fill. The game is a sci fi shooter with you in the role of a rebel fighting off the Helghast offensive. the story is good and graphics are impressive for the PS2. The problem is the control isn't what it should be, its not broken but doesn't feel right. The game does have massive outdoor and indoor levels that continue to improve as you play the through the game. The online component is pretty fun for multiplayer. I recommend this since you can pick it up fairly cheap.
At 15.99, its a decent buy............7.5 rating *


Decent fun

Ghost Recon 2


I first played Ghost Recon 1 on the Xbox and enjoyed the game all the way to the end despite some dated graphics, so i bought GR2 for the Xbox and loved it even more. I seen that the PS2  had a version but was supposedly different. I picked up a copy and put in the disc thinking i was gonna get the same game just with more levels ( like Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike), well i found out the hard way about this one. Bad graphics,so-so game play and horrible online multiplayer. I guess a different team worked on this version...................5.0 rating *


not too good



Manhunt for the PS2 is one of those games that gets a lot publicity by being controversial. The "Running Man" story line and brutal killings in the game got this title a lot of attention but is the game really any good. It reality its just ok. I read some game magazine reviewers praising the game and others canning it. I decided to check it for my self and it seems to be neither. I think its mediocre really. The graphics sometimes get too dark...BOOO! the killings in the game are interesting for awhile but navigating the maps when its hard to see is a bummer. The gameplay is repetitive but playable. In the end this is just a mediocre game.....................6.0 rating *



Iron Soldier 3 (PSone)


The 3rd game in the series and the first to appear on a console other than the Jaguar. This is a giant Mech game with a decent amount of weapons and polygon graphics that are true to the first two games but does add more textures. I think this is one of the better robot games out there with good level design and great gameplay................................................9.0 rating




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