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PSP Reviews
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WipeOut Pure


WipeOut Pure is the best version out for sometime even for the PS2. The graphics are crisp and clear with a nice mixture of colors. The controls are dead-on and the framerate is very smooth. There are a few extra tracks to download if you have a decent size memory card along with a decent amount already in the game.I recommend this game.......9.0 rating*



Need for Speed underground:Rivals

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Need For Speed Underground: Rivals is a good tuning/racing game for the PSP.....though flawed. The game boasts a lot of cars to chhose from and the Pocket Garage lets you customize your car with upgrades from your engine to decals and tint. The Frame rate is smooth and the graphics are nice. The tracks are designed nicely and aren't too long or short. The one problem here is that its always night racing. The game isn't easy to beat either.This is a good game for your PSP.................8.0 rating*



Tiger Woods PGA Tour


I have one other golf game in my entire collection which is Pebble Beach Golf  on the Sega Saturn. So i don't play golf too much but this game i like. The controls are nice with analog stick being used very well. The graphics are good and seem better than the DS version. The courses are well laid out and there is a few modes to sink your teeth into (Skins, tournament). I recommend this title for the PSP..............................8.0 rating*


Really good!


Burnout Legends


 Burnout Legends for the PSP is a nice portable version of the console game. The game is fast and the wrecks are still impressive to see. The control is nice and doesn't punish you with sim style control. This version has all the modes as Revenge on the Xbox like Cop Chase and Road Rage. The sound track doesn't do anything for me but i'm sure it will go over well with the younger crowd. Recommended..............................9.0



Medal Of Honor: Heroes


I have enjoyed the Medal Of Honor series since the days of the PSone. I bought both Frontline and Rising Sun for the Xbox and played through til the end on both titles. This portable version is easily the best you can get for a hand none. The control scheme works very well and the graphics are some of the best i've seen on the PSP. The single player campaign has a decent variety of maps and challenges but does seem too short compared to past console versions. The real fun though is the online multiplayer where you can play up to 31 players!! I love this part of the game and where i think you'll be at long after you have finished the single player campaign. The best FPS game on the PSP and a lot of fun. Highly recommended....................9.5!



Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories


 PSP games are noticeably ports of PS2 games, but this time its the other way around. This title actually started on the handheld first. If you like the whole "go anywhere, do anything" gameplay then you'll love this game. The controls are good and the graphics are nice. This is one of those games where you can't help but pick up and play. recommended...........................8.5


very good!


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