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Nintendo DS Reviews
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Nintendo DS

3 Nintendo DS reviews

Rayman DS



   Rayman DS is a direct port of the classic Dreamcast game Rayman 2 :The Great Escape. This is a good thing and you'll enjoy it if you liked the original. There is a few problems with the camera and the control isn't as good as the console versions. I did get use to the control and the camera issues are minor so you'll still be able to play this. The game is a little harder to make out on the DS screen and sometimes this will cause you to fall off a cliff side which does hurt the game some. This is a must buy though and i recommend this title.............................8.5 GREAT!



Asphalt: Urban GT


 Asphalt Urban GT is a fast, fun simple arcade racer, thats the short review of this game. The game has a variety of tracks and cars to choose from with a championship mode and free racing. You can customize your car and also have a selection of tuning options. Though this game doesn't really use the touch screen its a lot of fun to play. Recommended.................8.5 GREAT!



DS Sports

Madden 2005


Madden has been around since the days of the Sega Genesis and has been a lot of fun. Though better franchises like Visual Concept's 2K series this is the only choice you have for the next few years. This version is inferior to the PSP Madden in a lot of ways but is playable if you don't have Sony's handheld. The usual options are there like season mode  but it seems like playing the Sega Saturn version (which is over 10 years old!). I guess if you need a football fix on-the-go than knock your self out. ............................................................5.5 So-So




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